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About John H. Murphy Scholarship, Inc.

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

The John H. Murphy Scholarship, Inc. was established in 2022 in honor of the late John Henry Murphy, president and CEO of Eastern General Contractors, Inc. for more than 50 years. John was born in Pineland, South Carolina during the Great Depression. He learned the art and skill of construction early in life from his father, who was known to build a one-room house in a single weekend. During the 1960s, John emigrated north to escape the racial discrimination of the Jim Crow South. Soon after settling in Springfield, Massachusetts, he began building homes part-time after work and on weekends. In 1970, John quit his day job and founded Eastern General Contractors, Inc., a company that would employ over 100 people and earn distinction as one of the most successful construction companies along the Eastern Seaboard. Eastern projects included hospitals, air base hangars, schools, fire stations and more. Throughout his career, John remained steadfast in his commitment to give back to community and faith-based organizations both in Springfield, Massachusetts, and the Hampton-Jasper counties of South Carolina. The endowment and scholarships named in his honor, reflect his legacy by allowing students whose life and dreams mirror his to have the means to succeed in their pursuit of higher education. 

People in Library

Values held by the John H. Murphy
Memorial Scholarship, Inc.

  • Diversity and Inclusion - We value the greater range of talent and insight which can benefit construction-related industry when contributors represent the interrelated dimensions in terms of age, race, ethnicity, religion, ability, nationality, socioeconomic status, and gender identity.

  • Resilience - We value the ability of students to move through challenges, disappointments, and successes to build resilience.

  • Community Connection - We value the process where one takes action that is rooted in a belief that people should have access to health, wellbeing, wealth, justice, and opportunity.

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